The International Yachting Media is a publishing group with a global coverage of more than 200 countries and, with its exponential growth over the last few years, it is now one of the best known and most widely read titles in the international nautical sector.

The continuous development of new strategies and the identification of new media channels, such as our newly-created Superyachts.News, dedicated to the world of luxury, or the Virtual Boat Show, a digital boat show inaugurated last April, allow the company to constantly and continuously reach new markets and new readers.

Over time, the group’s comprehensive coverage has positioned our publishing house as truly global.

The editorial choice to publish our magazines in six languages (English, German, Russian, Italian, Spanish and French) has allowed our customers to find within The International Yachting Media a complete platform able to satisfy the need for a truly unique and “international” method of communication in the true sense of the word.

Our customers feeling constantly supported and reassured over our impeccable communication of their brand within their focused market segments, are well aware they can count on us as a trusted global partner. The broad coverage of our media, proves to be particularly strong in countries such as North America where languages and cultures are both in Spanish and English in the USA and English and French in Canada.

The group’s heavy initial investment and ongoing efforts have differentiated the company’s communication in a very modern and unique way allowing clients to communicate and market their brands’ strategically while building unparalleled business value with very high returns on brand image and market presence.