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All our magazines are written by the world’s best journalists, while emotions, details and colours are captured by our amazing photographers, reporting the real boat feeling in the most accurate way.

We are a dedicated team, working every day to deliver the highest possible standards for our customers.

Superyachts news Superyachts publishes news related to pleasure boats over 24 meters, sailing yachts, motor yachts or multihull. A magazine that, thanks to a fantastic container, collects in a single luxurious dedicated showcase, articles, news and tests of the giants of the sea, that today easily reach and exceed 100 meters in length.

Superyachts News opens with a gallery of news in evidence – Superyachts headline news – and illustrates full screen, great impact images. Scrolling down the reader enter the heart of the magazine with market news – Superyachts –

A large space is dedicated to Concepts, a theme much loved by design enthusiasts, it then continues with lifestyle, product launch and destinations.

Yachting News cover Yachting News is much more than a simple boating magazine, it is the only portal in the world to be structured as Wikipedia: all users can, in fact, interact with the pages of the portal and modify their contents, contributing to their constant updating and cooperate actively with our team.

One of the most visited areas is obviously the Yachting News Magazine where, every day, we publish articles that reflect all boat owners’ interests. Not only press releases about the launch of new boats but also sea trials of super yachts, sailboats or maxi-ribs and the corresponding reviews (which are not always positive), how-to articles and useful tutorials for navigation, insights to boat shows, travel stories and diaries.

The online pilot book is the widest and most utilized in Europe. It was conceived to be used even from tablet and smartphone or even while you are sailing; you can find what you need without abandoning your helm. If you use it on your mobile phone, you can call the port directly by simply touching his telephone number.

Yacht Digest is the only free yachting media in the world featuring distinctive pureness as well as spectacular images and videos.

Don’t be surprised if leafing through our magazine, pictures come to life, some words are hyperlinks and the index is interactive; Yacht Digest is, as with all our products, technologically advanced and innovative.

The International Yachting Media Digest 6 Yacht Digest is free from space constraints imposed by paper, but characterised by double-page pictures and content, enabling boat owners to fully understand journalists’ opinions and emotions. A magazine that, free from the constraints imposed by the frenzy of the web, can abandon itself to deeper reflections and observations through accurate content selection.

A magazine that can offer the best of the multimedia world without the use of paper, yet enabling the reader to leaf through our pages and content, summarising and enhancing the purest and most important values of the yachting world.

Yacht Digest is a quarterly magazine, accessible in multimedia mode, downloadable from any electronic device and available in the world’s main virtual kiosks, like for example Magzter.

It is rich in news, sea trials information, articles useful to sailors and columns focusing on luxury.
Our magazine is produced to set our readers’ eyes and mind free and help them breathe the open-sea air feeling of freedom.

The International Yachting Media App Our Boating News App is, is free and available on the major app stores. it ’s designed to bring us even closer to our readers who, in a native mode, can read the magazine, consult the latest news and draw on the huge informations’ archive that characterizes our media system. 

Through the easy App’s menu, it is possible to access all the The International Yachting Media content, browse the issues of The International Yachting Media Digest and watch our videos archive. 

Alongside simplicity, what makes our App stand out is also its great speed, which allows for very fast uploads: the articles, converted into the native language, do not even consume the “giga” of your subscriptions, keeping extremely high the images’ quality anyway.

todoslosbarcos A real huge boating web portal dedicated to the Spanish-speaking boat owners.

The online port pilot book of Todoslosbarcos is the largest and most popular pilot book in Europe and the only one to have ports and anchorages on the same chart.

Todoslosbarcos is a daily news magazine that publishes articles reflecting all boat owners’ interests. It include not only press releases about the launch of new boats, but also sea trials of super yachts, sailboats or maxi-ribs and the corresponding reviews (which are not always positive), how-to articles and useful tutorials for navigation, insights to boat shows, travel stories and diaries.

touslesbateaux A boating web portal dedicated to French-speaking boat owners.

If you’re looking for advices on how to keep your sailboat, a tutorial on how to do the “fishermans knot”, to sale your boat or even the closest port for your needs, you came to the right place.

The secret of success lies in the simple, functional, engaging communication that, with its many sections, meets all the boat owners needs.

Tuttobarche Tuttobarche is where everything was born. Founded as a digital startup in 2014, from the entrepreneurial creativity of Luca D’Ambrosio who, awarded for digital innovation in 2011 by the President of the Italian Republic, has developed a digital native system for the international broadcasting of nautical news.

Tuttobarche is, indeed, a huge web portal that is not limited to the publication of Tuttobarche Magazine and its news; it is totally free of charge and it offers special sections ranging from the sale of marine equipment to boat technical files, from the ports and anchorages pilot book – the most complete and up-to-date publication of the Mediterranean – to the possibility of buying and selling a sailboat or a powerboat.